Decorative Tinting Films

deco5Armolan manufacturers a full line of Specialty window films for various professional applications. These unique colored window films offer effective solutions for problems such as heat control, privacy and decorative enhancement. Check with your Global dealer to see if your solar control or privacy problem can be solved with one of these products.

One of the most popular Specialty series films is Black Out, a thin window film designed to keep 100% of the light from passing through the glass. Global manufactures the best quality black out film on the market today, with a polished black appearance from the exterior of the glass. Its counterpart, White Out, is a thin film that removes 85% of the light passing through glass and has a polished white exterior look.

Armolan Specialty series also includes the popular Matte films ideal for interior glass between office cubicles and on doors, as well as a number of other attractive decorative films that can enhance your environment.





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  1. Kumail Manji

    Hi. We are looking for 55m of interior glass frosting film. Please advise available options, maximum roll width, and price. We are based in Tanzania,. but will make payment and advise delivery to procurement partner in Dubai.


  2. Aaron Cook

    I love seeing window vinyl on homes, offices, and buildings. It’s a modern style that I believe will stay for a long time!

  3. Faraz

    Can your tell me how much it can cost for an average office?

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