What is Armolan film?

Armolan is a UV-stabilized dyed window film that when applied on window glass drastically reduces the amount of heat and radiation caused by the sun’s rays. While coloured films reduce the amount of heat by absorbing solar energy, Armolan reflective films reflect solar energy from the glass. Reflective films are coated with a thin layer of metal, and are more effective in reducing the amount of heat that’s let in through the glass.

How is the film applied on glass?

Our Armolan window films have adhesive on one side that is covered with liner. Removing the liner exposes the adhesive, which can be activated by spraying a soap solution on it. It is then affixed on the inside of the glass and the excess water squeezed out with the help of a squeegee. Check out our Do-it-yourself Instructions.

Can Armolan film be applied on any surface?

Solar control window films are best suited for plain glass. It is not recommended for non-smooth surfaces or even smooth surfaces other than glass. It might stick to certain smooth plastics like polycarbonate and acrylic, but the film may not last as long.

To what extent does Armolan film reduce the amount of heat let in through the windows?

The amount of heat and light that’s let in depends on the type of solar control film used. We have a range of products to suit needs. For instance, the Armolan reflective films reject heat up to 80%.

How long does solar control film last after it is applied on the glass?

The life of the film depends on various factors like how it’s applied, orientation of the window, location etc. There have been cases of film lasting for more than 10 years.

Is there a Armolan window film that provides one-way visibility at all times of the day or night?

There is no film that provides one-way visibility at all times. However, Armolan reflective films prevent visibility from outside (area of greater light intensity) during the day and vice-versa during the night.

Is there a film with zero visibility?

We have recently introduced a Blackout film that completely blocks light, thus preventing visibility from both sides.

How is Armolan film better than tinted glass?

Not only does applying film on plain glass work out much cheaper, it has many other advantages as well. It has superior heat rejection properties, stops harmful UV rays (up to 98%) and offers protection from flying splinters if the glass breaks. Hence its far superior to tinted glass.

How is blocking UV rays helpful?

UV rays pose a health risk, since excessive exposure can cause skin cancer, premature ageing of the skin, cataracts and other eye problems. They also cause furniture and upholstery to fade. Armolan is a UV-stabilised dyed polyester film that can cut out up to 98% of UV rays. However, it should be noted that UV rays is just one of the components in the solar energy spectrum. Other components such as heat, infra-red radiation and light also cause fading. The degree of protection offered differs from film to film, so the extent of fading will depend on the type used.

How does it save energy?

Armolan film reduces the amount of heat let in through the windows, rendering the air-conditioning more effective and keeping the interiors cool. The air-conditioners don’t have to work as hard to keep the temperature down and need less energy. This also extends the life of the air-conditioners. The extent of power saved will depend on the type of film used since different films have different heat rejection properties.

Can I install the film myself?

Installation is fairly easy and you can do it yourself by following the steps shown in one of our site features — Do-it-yourself instructions. However, it’s better to use the services of trained installers to prevent bubbles from appearing, damage to the film or wastage.

What kinds of film are available?

 The Armolan range includes reflective film, non-reflective film, high-performance film, gradation film, privacy, designer, safety & security window film.

Does Armolan films offer protection against scratches?

The Armolan range is available with or without scratch-resistant coating (SRC). This is very useful, especially in cases where the glass needs to be in pristine condition, like shopfronts, restaurant windows, display cases etc. The windows can be cleaned on a regular basis without concerns about unsightly scratches.

Do the films prevent glass panes from breaking?

While the film does not prevent glass panes from breaking, it does prevent them from splintering. This is an invaluable safety feature. For instance, during storms and cyclones, it can prevent sharp shards of glass flying around and cause injury. It also provides safety during earthquakes. During terrorist attacks, a lot of injuries are caused by flying splinters. Armolan films prevent this from happening. The films also offer a certain amount of protection against theft, because of their shatter-resistant properties. Thieves cannot make a hole in the glass in one go by smashing it to get at the goods, thus offering some time to prevent the theft.

How long does it take to apply the film?

The time taken to affix the film depends upon various factors, like the place of application, access to the glass, the installer’s efficiency, type of film, time of application etc. Normally, it takes one to three hours to affix the film on a car (without removing the window glasses), depending on the model.

What is the normal curing time for Armolan films adhesive once it is applied on the glass?

The curing time for the window film adhesive applied on the glass depends on the film type, time of the day/year the film is applied etc. The recommended curing time for ordinary window film is at least a week from the day of application.

Does the film require any special care after installation of Armolan window films? How should I clean the film-protected glass?

One of the advantages of Armolan film is that it doesn’t need special care after installation. Windows can be cleaned using a soft cloth and water. Mild detergents can be used if needed. Do not use rough or abrasive material to clean the side of the glass where the film has been affixed.

How do I replace my existing window film with Armolan?

The advantage of window film is that you can change it whenever you want. Here’s how you go about removing the existing film and preparing it for Armolan:
Step1: Peel off the film from all corners with the help of a cutter or blade
Step2: Spray water on the adhesive sticking to the window glass.
Step3: Scrap off the adhesive on the glass with the help of a scraper
Step4: Wipe the cleaned glass with a cloth

Can I use a solar film of the windscreen of my car?

Yes There are special films made by Armolan which can be installed on the front screen of any automobile. These are specialty films which block upto 50% of the solar rays coming in from the front and at the same time there is no compromise done on the visibility factor even while night driving.

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